中国DHL-DHL 快递和DHL全球货运两个业务单元联合参展进博会-黄石新闻直通车

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                            Mondelēz International participated in The 2nd CIIE and made the exhibition floor colorful with more than 100 kinds of products, ranging from over 10 leading brands and imported from 11 countries.

                            The aim is to apply LafargeHolcim's sustainable development solutions and products as a benchmark to China's infrastructure and urban construction and thus comprehensively upgrade the sustainable development technology in the country.

                            Honeywell is partnering with China Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co. Ltd.(CAMECO) to improve aircraft dismantlement processes and make certified, preowned parts more readily available through its Honeywell Aerospace Trading division. The partnership was announced at the 2nd CIIE, and further deepens Honeywell』s relationship and collaboration with the Chinese aviation industry.






                            Honeywell Announces To Partner With CAMECO At CIIE 2019

                            On the CIIE, LafargeHolcim presents the following three aspects: its sustainable development concept, best practices and achievements in China, as well as innovative technologies and products.

                            Mr. Wu Dongming, DHL Express China CEO said,「DHL Express has seen, contributed to and benefited from China』s reform and opening-up and economic development. CIIE is the best platform to show our confidence and determination to develop together with China. We will continue to make contribution to the sustainable development of China』s logistics industry.」


                            In addition, LafargeHolcim and the Representative Office in China of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) signed"a plan on the sustainable development demonstration project".

                            Joost Vlaanderen, President of Mondelēz Greater China, was actively involved in various activities during the CIIE. At the Belt Road Eco-Agriculture and Food Safety Forum in which he was invited to be one of the panelists.



                            According to the Dismantling Service Agreement and the Part Purchase Frame agreement that have been signed, HAT will obtain tear-down services and will be able to purchase parts from CAMECO.

                            「CIIE provides a fantastic platform for our company, which creates many opportunities for us to exchange ideas and build partnerships. It also helps us demonstrate our purpose through our exhibition, which is to empower people to snack right."


                            DHL 快遞和DHL全球貨運兩個業務單元聯合參展進博會,其中DHL快遞是首次參加進博會,將重點展示在物流創新和綠色物流方面的舉措和成就。


                            Moreover, visitors can also try on a bicycle interactive game to understand and experience how DHL is committed to promoting green and sustainable logistics development by the use of bicycle around the world to address the first and last mile delivery challenge.


                            One of the centerpieces of the Pavilion is a model of a fully automated smart drone, similar to what was recently deployed, as part of the first urban delivery solution of its kind in China.


                            LafargeHolcim made its first appearance on the 2nd CIIE with the theme of"Towards a Sustainable Built Environment", the company showcases its efforts and achievements made in sustainable development of recent years, as well as its remarkable innovative products and professional solutions.



                            The products cover multiple categories including biscuit, chocolate, chewing gum, candy, powder beverage, and cheese. Visitors to the booth are able to enjoy the first bite of them in China ahead of the local consumers.





                            he said:「We believe that China will be the largest contributor to the growth of the global snacks market, and Mondelēz China has become an important engine driving the company』s growth around the world.」




                            Mondelēz Overseas Flagship Store on Tmall also went live together with the unveiling of CIIE, making it more convenient for Chinese consumers to enjoy these great products from abroad.



                            Mondelēz International Comes To The 2nd CIIE With Best-Selling Brands

                            DHL Express Pledges Green And Innovative Logistics Solutions At CIIE 2019

                            Mr. Mark Lo, Country Head Greater China of LafargeHolcim Group, said,"We wish to share our leading innovative products, services and building materials solutions with the public, especially professional visitors, and provide technologies in ecological restoration, environmental protection and new materials for the market in China so as to address the challenges of environment and resources issues brought by rapid economic development and urbanization."




                            VR headsets are available for visitors to entertain a virtual picking game from the first perspective, to experience DHL EffiBot, an autonomous electric vehicle, developed to help improve picking efficiency at the warehouse.

                            此外,參觀者可現場佩戴VR(虛擬現實)眼鏡,以第一視角體驗DHL EffiBot全自動電動車揀貨遊戲。






                            The partnership will also benefit customers, allowing them to have immediate access to the right parts at an affordable price, so that operators can keep their aircraft in service for better profitability.

                            DHL Express and DHL Global Forwarding showcase green and innovative solutions. This is the first time for DHL Express to make its debut at this high-profile event in China.

                            Honeywell』s extensive global supply-chain network will bring more aircraft dismantlement opportunities to CAMECO, and HAT』s global network will also increase its parts-selling business.

                            Equipped with a 360-degree camera, DHL EffiBot follows every move of a warehouse worker and can transport goods of up to 300 kilograms.

                            LafargeHolcim China AtCIIE:Towards A Sustainable Built Environment